How do I declare my income or lodge tax returns?

Have you lodged your tax return yet? Last date to lodge all the tax returns for all entity types is 15th May 2019 so if you have not lodged the tax return 2018 then I would encourage you to do the same as soon as possible or you can contact me for the lodgement of the tax return.

So, How do I get Tax Back in Australia?

There are few ways to get your tax back in Australia.

  1. You can lodge your own tax returns using Australian tax office website and downloading their software or logging on to My Gov website and preparing and lodging your own tax return. Problem with these types of services is that although they are easy to use and free of cost you might prepare a wrong tax return and results could be instead of you getting tax back – you end up paying more tax or you might make a mistake and claim the expenses which you were not entitled to and again instead of getting tax back you end up paying fines to tax office of Australia.
  2. Other method is to use services of tax agents like us and we can prepare your tax return and provide you accurate advice on the deductions and expenses you can claim against your income. This will help you to get correct tax back without the hassle of liaising with the tax office and paying a nominal fee for the services which is again claimable in your next years tax return.

Using a registered tax agent like us will provide you with consumer protection as the TPB [Tax Practitioners Board] ensures we:

You can discuss with us the service to be provided so you would know what to expect.

To start preparing your tax return we will need a few details.

Income tax is paid on money you receive, such as salary and wages, Centrelink payments, investment income from rent, interest and dividends, and profits from selling shares or property.

You can reduce the amount of tax you pay by claiming certain deductions that are directly related to earning your income.

Your tax may be further reduced if you are eligible for certain tax offsets or government rebates.

We can help you with all these and will provide most professional advise to you in regards to your tax return. Please contact us for a competitive quote at